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Only here where Foredi Gel  Sale in Filipina with shuttle service to the destination (COD). Subscribers Contact: (Jack) 082 337 173 707. FOREDI is for Early ejaculation. Foredi herbal topical gel is used to extend the duration of intercourse without causing numbness. Category: herbaloles Product #: TR052642331


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FOREDI GEL is an adult male antiseptic that serves to extend the duration of a husband and wife relationship (long lasting intimate relationship). Gel-shaped (use smeared) made from traditional ingredients menes banten 100% authentic Indonesian which contains natural ingredients and herbs (herbs) of choice and without any chemicals.

Spices are processed with good, tested and reliable pharmaceutical technology (GMP standard) which functions as an anti-local septic and delays the occurrence of Ejaculation so as to provide safety, comfort and enjoyment when having a husband and wife relationship.

Overcome EARLY EJACULATION (Sperm discharge is faster than desired, premature ejaculation sufferers can have erectile problems, or not, IF you don’t have erectile problems, just use FOREDI. IF erections are also problematic (easy to get out + lackluster vital organs) use FOREDI + GASA.


  • Anti-premature ejaculation herbal medicines registered at BPOM (Food & Drug Supervisory Agency) POM TR 052 642 331.
  • Used as an outer topical medication, so it does not provide negative side effects on heart, kidney & brain function like strong drugs taken.
  • Extends the duration of intin relationship without causing numbness.
  • There are no adverse side effects.
  • Protect germ contamination during intimate relationships.
  • Protect male vital organs from Chlamidhia mushroom, partner needs etc.
  • It has been proven to help thousands of husbands and become a solution to foster harmonious families.
  • Recommendations for couples: BOYKE DIAN NUGRAHA

How to use FOREDI:

Remember: The key to the effectiveness foredia is “Give Time” that permeated the perfect concoction, so our advice: Apply Foredi at least 2 hours before intercourse. In most men the time it takes to sink faster.
Apply a thin 1/2 of 1 sachet in the male sex organs: the head (do not hit the hole) and the bottom of his vital organs more topical.
Allow 1 hour to react and warm herbs.
Then wash with water until clean.
Once clean allow 1 hour until the pain subsides warm and ready to have intercourse (indicating warm herb flavors worked perfectly)

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